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Of Snow and Shopping Lists

Published January 30, 2016 by Christa the Cupcake

Another week! A quick thing I’d like to mention is that this week (from last Saturday to today) I walked more than 10 MILES. It seems small when I type it out (or maybe that’s just me) but considering that uncomfortably recently I was literally moving around as little as I possibly could, 10 miles feels like a lot! And I say more than because on Tuesday I have no idea how much I walked because my phone (where I track this stuff) turned itself off and I didn’t realize it, so nothing got tracked. Also because I’m not counting general walking around like at the store or wherever, this is just in the time I’m sitting aside just for walking.


Once we get this all this snow over with, I have some shopping to do. I try not to go out much before a snow storm (or even the threat of a snow storm) because there are always 50 million people stocking up for the winter apocalypse at all of the stores. Also people seem to forget how to drive.

snow overreact

Nothing I need to get is an emergency and I can totally get by without it until I can go shopping without worrying about my safety. I just want to get some different weights because the ones I have now are 5 pounds but they feel unnecessarily big, like just badly designed. It might just be because my hands are so small. Actually its almost definitely because my hands are so small. But I want to get ones that feel more comfortable when I hold them. And I want to get a yoga mat because doing yoga on the concrete basement floor is more difficult than I thought. And I want to get a scale. Once upon a time, I wrote a post about buying a scale but I never bought it. I wrote that post almost TWO YEARS AGO.
Last but not least I want to buy a few snacks that I won’t feel bad about eating, like some almonds or something.

So this post is short but I’ll be back next week! Enjoy your snow days if you’re in the Danger Zone!


Snow is a Workout

Published April 3, 2014 by Christa the Cupcake

SO it snowed basically all night last night, because Colorado. I think we got a foot or so. It’s been melting all afternoon, and I think its mainly slush now, and it will be all gone tomorrow because its going to be in the 50s and then in the mid-70s in a couple days.

colorado whos line

But this morning, when I was out at a horribly early time (I’m not a morning person. At all.) it was definitely solid, wet & heavy snow. And it was still snowing. I hate snow, except if I’m safely inside, and then its gorgeous. But if I’m in it, I hate it. Especially deep snow, because I have short legs, so its a bitch to walk through.


The kitty pictured here adequately sums up my feelings.

Anyway, the point is this: today I walked for about 15 minutes total, going at a fairly moderate pace. Not too slow because I was running late, but not too fast because I didn’t want to fall on the snow/ice.

According to MyFitnessPal (I haven’t made an account yet, but I kind of consult it) walking at a moderate pace for that amount of time at my weight means I burned about 106 calories, which is something like 44 less than I burn using the Sky Glider for 10 minutes.
But here’s the fun part, and this is where the snow comes in. According to Bill McArdle, an exercise physiologist and Scientific Advisor to Weight Watchers International, who is quoted here on, “Walking in packed snow increases by 60 percent the calories burned compared to walking on a paved road, while walking in soft snow triples the calories burned compared to walking at the same speed on a treadmill. In addition, the added resistance of the snow can firm and tone the muscles.”

I’m going to assume that ‘soft snow’ means fresh snow that isn’t packed down, so if I go by that, then I really burned something like 318 calories and I’m sure you can see why that makes me smile, especially since yesterday was such a bad day for me. 😀

And I’m also quite happy because last week at the doctor, I weighed 284 pounds, and today at the doctor I weighed 283 pounds. I lost a pound in a week! And actually, probably more. Because I’ve got The Curse this week, and all that water-weight that comes with it. So in a conservative estimate I’ll say that I’m carrying an extra pound from that. And, because of the snow and cold, I was wearing ALL THE CLOTHES, so that may be a little bit more fake-weight. So…I probably lost at least 2 pounds in a week!
I’m totally over yesterday’s fuck-up and I am back on track!