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I Came Into This Unprepared

Published April 18, 2014 by Christa the Cupcake

Hi! I’ve been kind of sick, and also I had the root canal, so I’m in a bit of a pain-haze, and also in a bit of a haze from the medication to combat the pain.
I also finished Banjo-Kazooie, not that that’s really important, but I did 100% complete it. 100 Jiggies, 900 Notes, and I even did the Stop ‘N Swop, which may or may not be pointless. So yeah, I rocked that bitch.

So anyway, you know, despite not posting for days at a time, I’m really committed to this blog. Which is why, depressed and perhaps a little fever-addled the other day, I started crying about it. I hadn’t posted for days, and I hadn’t posted for days prior to my last post either. So, as I should’ve expected (because of me being the way I am) I felt like a HUGE failure, and I had that knee-jerk urge to give up and hide.

But I’m not. I can’t. I hide from things that feel too daunting; I have a record of doing that, and that is a bad thing. I have to break that pattern, or I won’t ever complete my quest to become a better, healthier version of myself. Because if anything is daunting, and scary and hard, this is.

But I thought about it, and I really did come into this unprepared. I had this sunny outlook; I was going to post something substantial every day, cause you know, that wouldn’t be difficult or anything. And for some reason, I apparently thought if something unexpected happened, like being super sick or preoccupied with something *gasp* more important than the blog, like my family or my future husband, well I seem to have thought that would have no effect on my writing/posting capabilities.

Clearly, I was wrong.

In the future, I will try to at least post a daily blurb, but I won’t make any promises. I am at least happy to report that I’ve somehow stayed on track with my diet, although with the root canal I can only eat soft food for at least a couple days. I doubt that will be great for my diet, although it will probably make it easier to not eat too much on Easter! O_O


I’m Back

Published April 10, 2014 by Christa the Cupcake

You may have noticed (or not; I don’t know how closely you pay attention, but its all good) that I’ve been MIA for the last few days.

Now, I could lie my pretty little head off because this is the internet, so how would anyone know? I could say my internet was down or something, and no one could really contradict me. BUT if I did that, if I lied, then this blog would start to become pointless.

The truth is that I just haven’t felt like posting. I haven’t felt like doing jack-shit. Basically I’ve been sitting on my butt for a few days playing Banjo-Kazooie on Xbox360.

Its not as bad as it seems though, I have been continuing to use MyFitnessPal, and I’m still on track with my diet, partially thanks to MFP. And I’ve not been completely inactive, I was walking up and down the stairs when I felt like it, clinging shakily to the handrail.

You may remember from my last post, me talking about a medicine I had started taking in an effort to put off yet another root canal. It didn’t really work, so I’m probably going to have to have the RC anyway, but that’s not the worst part. The worst part is that that medication was FROM HELL.

It was a corticosteroid, for anti-inflammatory purposes, and it made me feel like I was having the Flu. My body ached all over, and I was shaking all the time. My legs were so achy and stiff, and they were so weak that they kept giving out under me. I fell a few times, and when I had a doctor’s appointment, there’s no way I could’ve gotten to it on my own. I’m just really thankful my fiance was there to support me. Literally support me; I couldn’t walk on my own very well.

Thankfully I’m done with it now because it was a six-day course. Thank God! I’m still having the effects from it, but they are letting up gradually. I’m not as shaky and my legs seem to be getting stronger, so hopefully in a few days I will be back to normal and able to restart my usual routine. 🙂

Until then, I’m gonna closely watch what I’m eating, walk when I can, and 100% complete Banjo-Kazooie.


Positive Cheating!

Published April 4, 2014 by Christa the Cupcake

First off, know that I’m iron-deficient anemic, so when I’m on my period, I am really weak and tired from blood loss. Before I decided to start really taking this weight loss thing seriously, I didn’t ever do anything while I was having my period, because I’m always exhausted and also because exercise makes my period worse. But I feel like I just can’t do that anymore. I feel like I’m being lazy.

That may have been TMI. I’m sorry if it was, but it is relevant.

This particular Curse Week, I am in a double-whammy type of situation. Not only am I dealing with the normal misery (exhaustion, sometimes-almost-crippling pain, and I’m always hungry) but I’m also on a medication this week that makes me more tired, more hungry, more cramp-y, and it thins my blood, so I’m losing kind of huge amounts, which makes everything worse.

So all day, I feel like this:

kitten falling asleep 2

I attempted to do a real workout, but I made it only about 5 minutes before I felt like crawling into my bed and curling up to die.

Later though, in a (failed) attempt to occupy myself so that my cramps would get better because I wouldn’t be noticing how bad they were, I started cleaning.
I cleaned like a boss.

Seriously, like, you could probably eat off my bathroom floor right now.

Cleaning is a pretty good workout, but you’re not officially working out, so you don’t really notice. Positive cheating! WOO! onion-head-thumbs-up

So, I signed up for MyFitnessPal today, meaning that I’m officially totally keeping track. Yay!

My goal is to lose 1 pound per week, for now, and although I haven’t really figured the site out just yet, I seem to have come in under my calorie goal (goal is 1,960 calories per day, and I got 1,039 from food, and I burned 299 from exercise)!

And I also made it over my exercise goal. The goal is 103 calories burned per day (Yes, I’m purposely not setting the bar high, for now.) Today, I burned 299 calories. Even without doing a full workout-workout, I burned more calories than I usually do because of the cleaning!

So, I’m totally counting today as a victory, and now I’m going to eat a piece of dark chocolate (because I CAN, and guilt-free too!) and then I’m going to bed and passing out!

See you in the next post, and remember, anything you do burns some amount of calories. So if you didn’t make it to the gym, don’t beat yourself up over it, and vacuum your house instead! Not only do you burn a surprising (at least to me) amount of calories, but you also channel your frustration into a cleaner house, and you feel better! Today, I killed not two, but three birds with one stone, and you can too!*

*No birds were harmed in today’s activity or in the making of this post.

happy owl v.1

Snow is a Workout

Published April 3, 2014 by Christa the Cupcake

SO it snowed basically all night last night, because Colorado. I think we got a foot or so. It’s been melting all afternoon, and I think its mainly slush now, and it will be all gone tomorrow because its going to be in the 50s and then in the mid-70s in a couple days.

colorado whos line

But this morning, when I was out at a horribly early time (I’m not a morning person. At all.) it was definitely solid, wet & heavy snow. And it was still snowing. I hate snow, except if I’m safely inside, and then its gorgeous. But if I’m in it, I hate it. Especially deep snow, because I have short legs, so its a bitch to walk through.


The kitty pictured here adequately sums up my feelings.

Anyway, the point is this: today I walked for about 15 minutes total, going at a fairly moderate pace. Not too slow because I was running late, but not too fast because I didn’t want to fall on the snow/ice.

According to MyFitnessPal (I haven’t made an account yet, but I kind of consult it) walking at a moderate pace for that amount of time at my weight means I burned about 106 calories, which is something like 44 less than I burn using the Sky Glider for 10 minutes.
But here’s the fun part, and this is where the snow comes in. According to Bill McArdle, an exercise physiologist and Scientific Advisor to Weight Watchers International, who is quoted here on, “Walking in packed snow increases by 60 percent the calories burned compared to walking on a paved road, while walking in soft snow triples the calories burned compared to walking at the same speed on a treadmill. In addition, the added resistance of the snow can firm and tone the muscles.”

I’m going to assume that ‘soft snow’ means fresh snow that isn’t packed down, so if I go by that, then I really burned something like 318 calories and I’m sure you can see why that makes me smile, especially since yesterday was such a bad day for me. 😀

And I’m also quite happy because last week at the doctor, I weighed 284 pounds, and today at the doctor I weighed 283 pounds. I lost a pound in a week! And actually, probably more. Because I’ve got The Curse this week, and all that water-weight that comes with it. So in a conservative estimate I’ll say that I’m carrying an extra pound from that. And, because of the snow and cold, I was wearing ALL THE CLOTHES, so that may be a little bit more fake-weight. So…I probably lost at least 2 pounds in a week!
I’m totally over yesterday’s fuck-up and I am back on track!



Published April 2, 2014 by Christa the Cupcake

I was bad today. I caved to the cravings. D:


I got a large Dr. Pepper at McDonald’s, and I ate almost half of a container of Alouette Garlic and Herb spreadable cheese. Not the ‘light’ kind. Half of a container is like four servings.

Alouette Garlic-Herb
So that, multiplied by four.
And I ate it on butter crackers. Butter crackers. In 4 Club crackers (which is the serving size) there are 70 calories, 3 grams of fat, 125 milligrams of sodium, 9 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of sugar. And then all that has to be doubled, because I ate at least double the serving size. And there is no nutritional value at all, so I can’t even make an excuse by clinging to scraps of vitamins or fiber content. They have less than 1 gram of both fiber and protein, and no calcium or iron or vitamins A & C.

Oh yeah and I also had some M&Ms.

And then you have to think of dinner- 3 little flour tortillas filled with buttery crab and spinach.

I feel like I totally screwed myself today, and I’m feeling pretty sorry for myself right now. :/

I’ve been under a lot of stress lately, and I’ve been kind of depressed. Stress and depression are two things that make me over-eat. Emotional/Stress eating. They also cause me to crave sugar, like candy, but mostly soda which is how I wound up with the giant Dr. Pepper and why I still want more even though I know how bad and stupid it is for me to give in. 😡 I was raised in a really stressful environment, and my childhood was pretty fucked up. When I was angry or sad or upset in any way, my family (mainly my grandparents) would stuff me with sweets, fizzy drinks, and all kinds of junk food. It made me feel better, so I started eating junk and guzzling soda when I was upset. And that’s a habit that has unfortunately followed me into adulthood. 😦
Now, I’m not trying to make excuses. I’m just trying to explain why.

Today was bad, but I guess what I have to remember is that its not the end of the world.

And I would be smart to remember that too. 🙂

I Quit

Published April 1, 2014 by Christa the Cupcake

Just kidding! April Fools! 😀

Wasn’t that hilarious? I am just so funny, ain’t I?

Seriously though, this is basically a post just to meet my goal of an entry every day.

I am emotionally exhausted today. I had to go to the dentist for a couple fillings today too, and they put me on laughing gas so I don’t freak out, because I am terrified of dentists. My childhood dentist was an expert in torture. Laughing gas is a total life saver for me, and its a great thing to have if you’re having dental work done.
Unfortunately though, after they take me off of it, my whole body aches for several hours. So that’s happening.

I did manage 7 minutes on the Sky Glider, which is definitely not great, but its better than nothing.

This post is short, because I’m just so tired mentally and physically. But I did want to tell you guys, I’m going to start using My Fitness Pal when I am feeling better, both for the food journal and to track how many calories I’ve burned each day.

I actually didn’t know that My Fitness Pal was a thing before. That changed though, completely thanks to Jamie, the great girl behind the My Onederland Blog. Now, if you don’t know this blog, I highly recommend clicking on that link there to go read and subscribe to it. Jamie makes really helpful posts (which is how I found out about My Fitness Pal, among other things) and she’s also done an awesome job losing weight, so, for me at least, she and her blog are super inspiring.

That’s all for today, but I have a completely off-topic request for you guys. My childhood best friend’s dad is in the hospital. They thought he had a heart attack or a stroke but he didn’t, so they don’t know what’s wrong with him, but he’s in renal failure. She’s asked her friends to pray, and as her friend, I’m going to ask that if any of you are the praying type that you would please pray for him as well. I believe that the more people pray, the more powerful the prayer is. 🙂 And if you’re not the praying type, that’s fine too. Just think good thoughts for him, create good vibrations. 🙂